How to Avoid Roof Repair on Flat Roofs

A flat roof can be an excellent choice for many homes, however, they do need some specific maintenance and roof repair. A home that has a pitched roof will use a mixture of shingles and gravity to prevent water from gaining entrance to a home. Water which sits on a roof for a length of time will eventually lead to a leak. Also, traditional homes with a pitched roof will expedite water to run off after a storm. And the shingles stop the water from penetrating the roof until it runs off.

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A flat roof, or one which has a low pitch, will not have the advantage of gravity for water run off. So it is important to have a protective covering which provides a moisture barrier on a home, in addition to removing water off a roof in wet weather. One way to keep the interior of your home dry is if you have a flat roof with a rubber seal.

Rubber sealed roofing is a ply membrane which is made out of synthetic material. This coating is applied to a roofing deck, usually using glue or fasteners. It comes in wider widths, so you can completely cover your roof, thus preventing the need for seams, as seams are a weak area that a membrane could fail.

Another good way you can keep your home dry when you have a flat roof is using a siphon. You can create a siphon which, when placed on a timer, will work for a minute several times every day. Should you have water on your roof, this will continue to drain water off your roof once the motor starts to work.

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